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“The device is very interesting, and has a lot of potential. I think it could be used for trolling as well as jigging. I could see it being useful while jigging for mackinaw, kokanee, river salmon, shad, and striper."

Jack Naves, a well-known angler in Northern California and author at

“I think it’s a pretty cool idea especially for elderly people and kids on board… [The Smart Jigger] could also be used for a variety of species. Salmon jigging can be monotonous, and the machine is tireless”

Dave Hurley of the Hurley Chronicles (, publisher of Northern California’s premier fishing report - The Hot Sheet.

"My brother And I got out on the water today for some Stripper fishing and... we did catch two on the Smart Jigger!  Needless to say, We were surprised... We had it going while we were eating our lunch and the clicker on my rod went off and there was a fish-on! The Machine works, and it keeps on Fishing without getting tired or needing a break."

Greg Cook, Fishing Guide

Striper caught jigging

26.5" striper caught jigging in 24' of water. From Boston Whaler just east of the Carquinez Bridge. - Raymond

Salmon caught trolling

A 15 pound salmon trolling with the Smart Jigger. The fish hit a Silvertron spinner and a 3 ounce sinker on the Sacramento River. - Jack

Kokanee caught jigging

Kokanee landed vertical jigging a Buzz Bomb, while rods jigged by hand landed zero that day. -Jack