Earn up to 15% referral commission!


How does it work?

    • Short Answer: you earn 10% referral commision, which is increased to 15% after five orders in a month, and customer gets 10% off. No limit, no investment on your part.

    • Long Answer: You sign up by two clicks:
      2. Click the Google or Facebook button on the page above. You are signed in as an affiliate.

      Once you signed up, you will have two things below:
      1. A referral link. Add the referral link to your site, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channel, Newsletter etc. Make a QR code if you have a shop or a guide boat if you have a physical device, more on that below.
      2. A coupon code. The coupon code is tied to you - if customers use your coupon code, he gets a 10% discount, and you get the commision. You can customize it to make it easy to remember. For example, my name is Ray, so I made my demo coupon code RAYRAY

      You will be credited if either is used to place an order.

  • It would be even better if you post the link and coupon code with video or photos of your catches using the Smart Jigger. In essense, you can make money by simply using the Smart Jigger.


Own a shop?

If you run a bait shop, tackle or sporting goods store, or a boat launch. Contact us for a display device. No inventory to worry about on your part.

You can login to the Affiliate page to print the QR code, customers can point his cell phone camera at the QR code to be directed to your referral link. In the video above, QR code and Coupon code are taped next to the demo unit. You could use a plastic menu cover, or print a stack of flyers for customers to take with them.

Sample QR code below, tied to coupon RAYRAY, if you point your camera at it, it pops up address

The above is a demo. Once you sign up, your Coupon Code, QR Code (Referral Link) will be different so that any referral you made will be credited to you.