Safety Warnings

  • Alway keep a safe distance when operating the Smart Jigger. The motor can move suddenly to restore or reset to a certain position when the unit is powered on or connected, and movement of the motor arm may cause injury. Never put your hands inside the box when the Jigger is in jigging motion. is not responsible for any injury caused by the device.
  • Stainless case has sharp edges, wear gloves to avoid possible cuts or other injury.
  • Unplug the back connector to disconnect power. The stop (red) button does not turn off power, it only stops movement of the motor.


User Guide

  • Please read Smart_Jigger_Quick_Reference_Guide
  • Here is a video that thoroughly describes how to operate a Smart Jigger, what the different buttons do, and how to hook it up to a power source. By the end of it, you will have a complete understanding of the machine's capabilities!


Installation and Mounting Guide

  • There are many Mounting Options documented. The simplest is to mount it on top of a Scotty rod holder base as shown in the PDF doc.
  • Here is a video on how to install a Smart Jigger on an existing swivel. By the end of the video, you'll have a much better understanding of what the machine's requirements and limitations are!


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Contact Us

  • Please Contact Us for any additional questons and concerns.


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