Smart Jigger catches and attracts fish!

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Sunfran Jigger almost catching a salmon

Jigging around the Antioch Bridge, a Salmon got hooked! It was a huge surprise as it's unusual to see them on the San Joaquin river.

It looked to be over 20LB. Although the fish got away, it further proves the Jigger was effective at Salmon. We will keep at them!

Watch Sunfran Jigger catching a fish in 29 seconds

Take a look at this short video - it shows you the whole process from droping the lure to fish on boat in 29 seconds.

Of course there is a bit luck invovled in terms of timing. What we are showing here is, the fish was not pre-hooked and the Jigger indeed was catching the fish, and you can see it right away.

San Joaquin River, jigging stripers. Learned something new

Trying again with "fast and furious" Jigging Pattern using the Smart Jigger, it was a blast! New tip from viewing the new video: when a jigging rod is not bending, a fish had the lure and was swimming up, which took away the gravity of the lure usually making the rod bending.

The 10 minutes is continuous, I did not edit the middle to cut anything out, so you see everything. If you had any doubt or suspicion about it, this should convince you.

Jack Naves Trolling Lake Berryessa for Kokanee

Jack Naves of and BassJack TV trying out the Smart Jigger. He ended up catching several kokanee between 16 and 18 inches using the device to alter the lure pattern while trolling.

By the way, his web site has a lot of great fishing tips, and LOCATIONS!!!

Smart Jigger lifting a 7oz Salt Water spoon

Previously, we have advised that the Smart Jigger can handle weight up to 3oz. Today, I tried a 7oz (200g) jig , and it works! A 7oz or 8oz opens up potential for salt water jigging.

Jigging with a Smart Jigger. 40+ fish in a few hours!

Sunfran Smart Jigger assisted or scored on almost every catch. Sandwiched between multiple fires, I fished in the smoke on the San Joaquin. 40+ striper caught including a handful of 17-inchers. All fish released.

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Trolling with a Smart Jigger!

One of our testers Jack Naves caught a 15 LB salmon trolling the Sacramento river with the Smart Jigger. Yes, you heard it right, trolling. Here is the message from him: “Hi Ray, I caught a 15 pound salmon yesterday trolling with the smart jigger (see photo). The fish hit a Silvertron spinner on the Sacramento River in Sacramento. I was able to pull the large spinner and a 3 ounce sinker without overloading the motor. It did overload a few times when vegetation buildup on the lure.”

As you know, people often swing the rod during trolling to create the extra movements to get fish to strike. But swinging repeatedly is hard to do because it’s usually heavy, and that’s where the Smart Jigger comes in handy.

10/11/2020. I tried the same the past weekend, trolling with a Smart Jigger in shallow water, and proved to be deadly. On Friday evening, 5 fish (4 largemouth bass, 1 striper) were caught in 15 minutes up to 2 pounds. 3 more were caught during the high wind when nothing else worked. I used a lipless rattle trap. Check out the video below.

The Jigging Team. 30 fish including a 25" striper!

The team (Dad, Son and their Smart Jiggers) went out jigging at San Joaquin River 8/30/2020. About 30 fish caught, lots of fun, the biggest was a 25" striper.

Smart Jigger Attracts Fish - a new discovery in the summer!

Again, testing prototypes of a fishing machine on the California Delta Saturday 7/11/2020

Went to the San Joaquin River, east side of Antioch Bridge. It started slow, and I even hooked my own jacket, which has quite a few holes because of how often it happens.

Despite the start, it was a productive trip, as the machine caught one 19" striper weighing over 2 LB, along with a bunch of shakers and babies.

One thing I learned is that even if the machine doesn't hook the fish, it still attracts a following. If you look at the video starts at 1'17", you will notice I picked up the rod without expecting a fish, but the act of picking up the rod changed the pattern of the lure movement and triggered the fish strike. Having fish following your boat because of the Smart Jigger makes it easier for you to cast or jig on your own.

Apologies for the blur, as it's an early prototype. It will see daylight when it's ready.

Love the action, 50 fish in 4 hours!

Striper jigging Sunday morning on the San Joaquin around mouth of False River and the barges. Almost non-stop action, 50 fish boated in 4 hours. No keepers, biggest was 16 inches. All the fish released.

Earlier, as the machine evolved...

Another round of testing prototypes of an automated fishing machine on the California Delta on Independence Day 7/4/2020. The machine caught a lot of fish and 3 are shown here.

Testing prototypes of a fishing machine (sorry about the blur) on the California Delta Saturday 6/6/2020.

The day started with a machine fishing with one rod, and me fishing with another. By the time the machine had caught 4 fish, I caught nothing and was tired. I decided to set up another machine and in less than two hours, the two machines were able to catch eleven fish. Nine of the fish are shown here, with the biggest one being 4.5 pounds in weight and 23 inches long.

6/3/2020 Testing prototypes of a fishing machine on the California Delta 6/3/2020. The machine caught 7 fish including a couple of small largemouth bass on a hot day. Again, apologies for the blur.

Very first videos of the Smart Jigger in action!

Testing a prototype of a fishing machine on the California Delta. It was able to hook 5 fish, 3 of them got on the boat, 2 lost after hooked. In comparison, I got 1 bite and 1 fish while jigging by myself. Machine vs human 5:1 in terms of bites, and 3:1 in terms of fish caught. Not too bad for the machine.

I wish there were bigger fish, but bigger striped bass are sparse in our region at this time. You can see the lure was not too small, and bigger fish will bite the same lure if they are there. We will get them eventually.

Apologies for the Amazon box, as it is an early prototype that we have to protect. It will see daylight when it's ready.


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