You can make money by using your SUNFRAN Jigger!

Send us a video of your catch, if we like it, we will pay you $50 cash!

No limit. Send more videos, and get paid more


Here is how it works:

  • CAPTURE: You capture a SUNFRAN fish-on moment on video, and photos.
  • EMAIL: with attached videos and photos, or include a link where we can download them. Tell us what's in the video and photos such as: when, where, species, sizes, number of fish, and particularly how jigger worked. Make sure your videos or photos do not contain personal information or your secret fishing holes.
  • AGREE: Licensing Agreement. We will review the content and notify you whether to buy or not. Buying means we pay you for the right to use it in our own ways. We will NOT publish the content you submitted to us if we did not buy. Your personal information (such as full name, address, email, phone) will not be disclosed publicly unless you explicitly disclosed in your video(s).
  • GET PAID: For each video (along with the optional photos, if submitted) we like, we will pay you $50 to buy. Payment can be made via PayPal or Zelle or a check.
  • REPEAT: No limit on how many times you can submit content to us, we will pay per video that we like.



  • To capture the fish-on moment, you may need non-stop recording for a few hours/ A spare, or budget phone, or action camera with a lot of free storage (64GB or more) could take hours of video. You will need a mount/holder and a battery pack to supply power.
  • Vertical (cell phone straight up) videos are preferred but capturing the moment of excitement and fun is the key.
  • Great if it has your voice.
  • Great if it has close up shots of the SUNFRAN labels, in the video and/or in photos.
  • The higher quality and resolution, the better
  • No problem if your video is too big or long, we can provide you a link to upload. And we can handle editing.


MOST IMPORTANTLY: you want to capture the moment of excitement more than anyone else, and it can't get any better if someone wants to pay for it!